10 Scientific Facts About Diet and Inflammation

Most of us realize that lifestyle plays a profound role in many of the chronic diseases of modern society. Despite our knowledge, it seems that somewhere along the path we have gone astray. Body weight is on the rise and people are becoming more sedentary. Obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes are becoming public … Read more

Saturated Fats Cause Heart Disease and the Earth Is Flat

If you think flat Earthism is gone, you’re wrong. Some people still believe the earth is flat. The Flat Earth Society even has it own website. The society’s roots may be traced back to the 1800’s. However, the members don’t use scientific evidence to support their view. According to an interview with the society’s president in … Read more

Accused of a Crime That Never Took Place – LCHF on Trial in Sweden

There are many examples of people accused of a crime they didn’t commit. If we look at the movies, who doesn’t remember Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins) sentenced to two life terms in the memorable movie Shawshank Redemption. Of course we knew that Andy was innocent, but there was a crime committed, although by another person. What may … Read more

Low Carb Diets and Heart Disease – What Are We Afraid of?

I find it extraordinary how carbohydrate restriction is repeatedly rejected by the medical community as an alternative approach for obesity, the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in many countries around the world. Diabetes and other obesity related disorders have become increasingly common. Public health organizations and medical societies usually … Read more

Diet or Drugs to Prevent Heart Disease

The risk of heart disease has been associated with countless different things. Smoking, diabetes, high blood pressure, overweight, obesity, sitting and watching TV, eating too much fat, eating too much sugar, not eating certain fats, eating meat, not eating fish, eating too much animal fat, eating cholesterol, eating saturated fat, eating trans fats, high blood … Read more

Dietary Fats and Heart Disease – Exposing the Villain

“I would only argue that Senators don’t have the luxury that the research scientist does, of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in.” These words were spoken by Senator George McGovern 35 years ago when confronted by Dr. Robert Olson from St. Louis University. Senator McGovern’s Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs … Read more

The War of the Diets – Low-Carb or Low-Fat

The war of the diets - low carb or low fat

There is an ongoing war in the world of diet and nutrition. I call it the war of the diets. This war started many years ago and there just appears to be no end to it. Both sites are blaming each other for a huge number of casualties. Like in so many wars before, it is … Read more

The Case Against Saturated Fat

Common knowledge is something we all regard as plain truth and does not need to be debated or discussed. Go for a walk on a rainy day and you’ll get wet. Staying for too long in the sun will make your skin burn.  Drinking coffee before you go to sleep may keep you awake. Smoking may … Read more