Dietary Fat and Heart Disease – The Changing Landscape

Most of us know that the risk of heart disease can be modified by lifestyle. For more than fifty years, that’s what we’ve been taught by the people we trust, scientists, medical professionals and public health officials. But the doubters have always been out there, and they ask questions. How do these people know what’s … Read more

Will the Popularity of LCHF Trigger a New Epidemic of Heart Disease?

Diets low in carbohydrate and high in fat (LCHF) have become increasingly popular lately. Many experts in the field of epidemiology and cardiovascular disease have expressed grave concern and warned that this change in dietary pattern may increase the risk of heart disease. Some have argued that LCHF poses a threat to public health in … Read more

Is the Whole Grain Science a Load of Crap?

Today, whole grains are under fire. Grain-based foods are the new demons. The so-called “experts” tell us to consume them, but what do they know? Talk about guidelines, official recommendations, and widely held mainstream dietary belief. It’s all a big lie, isn’t it? Well, it is, if you believe some of the books that have been … Read more

The Modern-Day Heart Patient – From One Risk Profile to Another

Although the death rate from coronary heart disease (CHD) has declined rapidly during the last few decades, CHD remains the most common cause of death in most countries around the world. The reduction in death rate is partly due to fewer people being diagnosed with CHD and partly due to a better prognosis of those … Read more

Statins For Elderly People – A Deceptive Message

People older than 65 years are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Such disease accounts for more than 80 percent of deaths in this population. Age itself appears independently associated with risk, and risk factors such as high blood pressure, lipid disorders and diabetes are common among the elderly. An important question facing the medical … Read more

Statins For Healthy People – Tweaking the Numbers

I assume it is every pharmaceutical company’s dream to market a drug that people take for a lifetime to cut the risk of certain diseases or simply to delay the process of aging or prolong life. Indeed statins, drugs that are often used to lower blood cholesterol, have commonly been marketed as such wonder drugs. Although … Read more

Greenland Eskimos, Diet and Heart Disease

With so much being written lately about the relationship between dietary fats and  heart disease there’s no wonder we may feel a bit disoriented. Of course we could take the easy way out, and follow main stream recommendations, limit the total amount of fats consumed, and avoid saturated fats and cholesterol. Eating less animal and … Read more

Cholesterol Clarity or More Disparity

For decades cholesterol has been a major player when it comes to preventing heart disease. Measuring blood cholesterol and knowing your numbers is of key importance. If your numbers spell danger, you need to know what to do. Otherwise, you may be in big trouble. In their book published last year, Heart 411: The Only … Read more

Taxing Animal Fat Is Necessary – Still Chasing the Usual Suspects

New Nordic/Scandinavian public recommendations on diet and nutrition will be published this autumn. According to an article (English version-Google translation) published in a Swedish newspaper last week the new guidelines will underscore the risks of animal-derived saturated fats. The article is written by three Swedes, two of whom are experts in the field of health and nutrition. … Read more

10 Scientific Facts About Diet and Inflammation

Most of us realize that lifestyle plays a profound role in many of the chronic diseases of modern society. Despite our knowledge, it seems that somewhere along the path we have gone astray. Body weight is on the rise and people are becoming more sedentary. Obesity, the metabolic syndrome, and type-2 diabetes are becoming public … Read more