The Case Against Saturated Fat

Common knowledge is something we all regard as plain truth and does not need to be debated or discussed. Go for a walk on a rainy day and you’ll get wet. Staying for too long in the sun will make your skin burn.  Drinking coffee before you go to sleep may keep you awake. Smoking may … Read more

What Is the Real Cause of Heart Disease?

Now we know what is the real cause of heart disease according to a heart surgeon who recently wrote an article on the internet about this extremely important and delicate subject. The author, Doctor Dwight Lundell is an experienced heart surgeon who claims he has gained an understanding of the underlying cause of atherosclerosis and … Read more

Are Eggs Good or Bad for You?

Are eggs good or bad for you? How many can you eat? What will it do to your heart if you eat many? Will your cholesterol sky-rocket? Should you skip the yolk? In recent years we have somehow become a little bit afraid of eating eggs. We have been warned that they may be harmful because they contain so … Read more